Rehab Team

Rehabilitation at Phoenixville


Rehabilitation at Phoenixville offers patient-focused care with an experienced multi-disciplinary team including:

  • Board-certified physiatrists trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Specially trained rehabilitation nurses who provide rehabilitation care and management of medical conditions.
  • Physical therapists who work with patients to improve strength, endurance, balance and help mastery of activities such as standing, walking, use of mobility devices.
  • Occupational therapists who work with patients on their ability to perform everyday tasks and other functions needed to return to the normal community life.
  • Speech-language pathologists who assist in areas of communication including speech, language, voice, cognitive and swallowing disorders.
  • Social workers/discharge planners who assist with the emotional adjustments to lifestyle changes due to illness or injury while providing education and information about community resources and services available at discharge.
  • Clinical psychologists and dietitians are also available to address patient needs.