A Wonderful Experience

A Wonderful Experience

Need A Doctor?

If you need some assistance locating an obstetrician or pediatrician, please call 610-983-1250 or visit our Find a Doctor page to view our PHYSICIAN DIRECTORY.

Welcoming a child into the world is a wonderful personal experience. At Phoenixville Hospital, we believe you should have choices in how to deliver and care for your baby. Choices that help make sure your birthing experience is everything you want it to be.

Preparing for the Happy Event

Expectant moms and dads can learn all about the "big day" (and the nine months before) at our childbirth classes offered year round at Phoenixville Hospital. You'll learn about changes in the expectant mother's body, how the baby grows, and what happens when your baby decides to make his or her debut. There are even classes for breastfeeding, newborn care and other important topics. Big brothers and sisters are invited to attend a special Sibling Class to prepare for the new arrival. We believe it's our job to help get you ready for this happy event and we'll do what we can to make it an experience to treasure for a lifetime. Visit our Classes and Support page to learn more about available classes, or call (610) 983-1288.

What Do We Do Now?

During the hospital stay, our nurses teach new moms the basics of infant care, from how to feed and diaper their newborn to when to call the doctor. To ensure a healthy start, our team of nurses and lactation consultants are available to assist mothers and babies with breastfeeding. We make it our job to make you feel comfortable caring for your newborn and yourself. We take time to answer all of your questions and we have years of experience to help put you at ease. For information, call 610-983-1250.