Hand Therapy

Pennsylvania Hand Center, a part of Tower Health Medical Group, provides comprehensive hand therapy in both our Paoli and Phoenixville locations. 

Hand Therapy is often critical to the treatment of hand and upper extremity problems. It is often the only treatment necessary. It is also crucial after surgery, to maximize gains, help control scarring, and restore motion and function. Certified and trained hand therapists are specialized professionals who dedicate their time and skills to the care of the upper extremity. They are initially trained in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy, and have further training and experience in the care of the upper extremity. They work closely with the hand surgeons, and are involved in ongoing continuing medical education and research in the field of hand therapy.

An initial evaluation in hand therapy may include range of motion (ROM), and strength testing,  There may be screenings for functional problems as well as for activities of daily living, hobbies and at work. In conjunction with the hand surgeons’ evaluation and referral, conservative treatment may be initiated, or treatment may be aimed at maximizing gains from a surgical procedure.  Most exercises are done one-on-one with the hand therapists and their assistants. Many of the exercises are meant to be done by the patient at home. The home program is critical to any progress, and patients are given detailed instructions as to which exercises they must do at home, and how often.

To schedule an appointment with one of our hand therapists, please call 610-525-1000.