Published on December 21, 2018

Chamber Members Team up to Bring Local Gifts to Hospital Gift Shop

Bridge Street Chocolates and Cameron Peters Floral Design have teamed up with Phoenixville Hospital to bring some local cheer to hospital visitors.

Gail Warner, owner of Bridge Street Chocolates, and Cameron Peters, owner of Cameron Peters Floral Design, are no strangers to teamwork. The Downtown Phoenixville business owners have worked together in the past, especially on holidays. Really, what goes better with flowers on Valentine’s Day than chocolate?

The idea to move local products into the hospital gift shop, The Gift Box, started a few years ago when the shop was being run by the Women’s Auxiliary. Conversation on the topic faded, but new ownership of the hospital brought about a renewed interest in shopping local. Michele Bowe, Manager and Buyer for the hospital gift shop, reached out to Gail and conversation started anew.

“We had an opportunity a few years ago through the women’s auxiliary but it hit a dead end,” said Gail. “Michele Bowe, who was my initial contact years prior, reached out to me. I think the (October, 2017) merger with Tower Health helped ignite the interest.”

The Gift Box was working with out-of-town florists to stock arrangements, so when Michele asked Gail for recommendations, she turned to Cameron.

“Between Gail's recommendation and the fact that Michele Bowe has seen my arrangements at (Downtown Restaurant and Chamber Member) Your Mom’s Place, she contacted me,” Cameron said.

The Gift Box is carrying Gail’s Sea Salt Drops and Sea Salt Caramels in a basket at the counter for, as Gail says, an impulse purchase.

“I’ve always wanted to sell in The Gift Box,” she said. “One of the first people to welcome me to the Phoenixville community almost eight years ago was the President of Phoenixville Hospital. It’s wonderful to see The Gift Box open again.”

Cameron will be doing floral arrangements for the shop as soon as the new cooler arrives. For now, she’ll be in a few different areas of the hospital.

“I am doing the arrangements for the hospital in four different areas, Cameron said. “North and South Tower registration, the main desk across from the Gift Box, and Short Procedure.”

The hospital will make a percentage of the sale of each of the two women’s items.

“It only makes good sense,” Gail said.

“I’m thrilled to partner with the hospital in this way,” Cameron said. “I look forward to growing a strong, long-lasting relationship.”